Play PuckFun, three games in one: Shuffle Puck, Air Hockey and Shootout. Use the mouse to slam the puck in the opponent's goal to score points or shoot fire-balls to blow up his or her racket. Speed and precision are the key to success.

Play against 9 animated opponents with unique skills and worlds or compete against your friends in a network game.

Enjoy a single duel, progress level by level or try to win the PuckFun Cup in a tournament.

20+ levels of speed assure never-ending challenge. Collect bonus balls for special powers like extending you racket or shrinking opponent's, freezing the opponent, slowing down the puck, adding two shadow pucks, etc. But beware of the exploding mines. Spice up the game with a moving barrier on the table. Customize all aspects of the game: speed, points or time per game, racket size, goal size, bonus balls, barrier etc.

Perfect graphics at any window size and screen resolution. DirectX is recommended for best 3D performance, but simulated software 3D graphics is supported for platforms without hardware 3D accelerator. Beautiful sound track.

PuckFun is great game for all ages. Play a quick relaxing game in the coffee break or spend hours improving your precision, reflexes and concentration. It is simple and fun - you will never tire of playing a game of PuckFun!


The game features 9 animated characters (3 in free version) with unique personality, skills, environment, music and sound effects:

  • Koala
  • Alien
  • Snowman
  • Mr. Burger (limited in free version)
  • Sun (limited in free version)
  • Monster (limited in free version)
  • Angel (limited in free version)
  • Mermaid (limited in free version)
  • Monk (limited in free version)


Bonus balls

Pick up bonus balls and activate magic powers that last until the point is won or lost:

Enlarge your own racket
Shrink opponent's racket
The glue will slow down the puck as it approaches you
Freeze the opponent, his or hers speed will be halved
Make the puck temporarily invisible
Shoot fire-balls to destroy opponent's racket
Confuse the opponent (and yourself) with two extra shadow pucks

But beware! If you don't pick up bonus balls, your opponent will.

Camera view

Switch between normal and action camera view by pressing "1" and "2" respectively. Action view gives you the first person perspective, but it makes it more difficult to be precise. Action view is only available with certain opponents (due to the way of how some 3D worlds are composed) and only in Real 3D rendering mode (read below for more information about this).


Configurable settings let the game grow and develop with you. With practice your concentration, speed and precision will increase. Use the racket size and game difficulty level settings to keep the challenge alive.

  • Set the size of your racket (locked in free version)
  • Choose the starting difficulty level (limited in free version)
  • Set the number of points per game
  • Set the goal size for Air Hockey and Shootout (locked in free version)
  • Choose the size of the moving barrier (locked in free version)
  • Regulate sound effects and music volume
  • Choose how frequently bonus balls appear
  • Adjust the way of how 3D graphics are displayed (see below)


Real and simulated 3D graphics

The game supports two ways of displaying the 3D scene (table, rackets, pucks, bonus balls etc.):

  • Real 3D (DirectX and OpenGL) renders the scene in real-time and only works fast enough on computers with 3D accelerated video cards and DirectX or OpenGL support.
  • Simulated 3D uses pre rendered 2D images (sprites) to simulate the 3D effect. This should work on all computers.

it is recommended to leave this setting on "auto". Set it either to Real 3D or Simulated if you experience problems or slow performance with 3D display.

High scores

After you win a game, score is calculated according to:

  • Percentage of the points won (for example, if you won 70% of points, you get 70 points)
  • Percentage of bonus balls collected (if you collected less then 50% of all bonus balls, you lose points, if more you gain extra points)
  • Score is multiplied with the racket size (1 is the largest, 10 is the smallest) and with game level (1 being the easiest and 10 the most difficult)

High scores are saved and displayed in a table.





Copyright (c) Momo Fun Media, 2005